Rest & Relax

Rooms dedicated to your wellbeing

All guests from Hotel Bayerischer Hof and Hotel Reutemann/Seegarten have direct access to the wellness and relaxation area free of charge during their stay.

Sauna area

Upon entering the wellness area you feel the soothing ambience of this relaxation oasis.

Choose from one of our saunas (Finnish sauna and sanarium), steam bath or caldarium. The Kneipp foot basin and stimulating experience shower rooms complete a perfect visit to the sauna area.

Towels are available to all our guests, a cuddly bathrobe awaits you at your arrival.

Our pools - liberate yourself from all stresses

Both our pools enjoy wonderful lake views and provide the perfect setting to let go of everyday stresses step by step. Focus on your own needs and take the time to look after your body and soul.

Spend some leisure time in our garden with pool and enjoy the sunshine to the fullest. Bath towels, sun beds and umbrellas are at your disposal. Our heated outdoor pool is open during summer months.

Our beautiful indoor pool with relaxation area is open to our guests all year-round. In this split level area you can relax overlooking the Lindau harbour or spoil your body floating in the pool.

Sports - we are a perfect fit for your fitness

Sometimes, relaxing also means burning off energy!
Get going full speed and do your body some good. Our fitness studio offers ample space and equipment for your personal training.

For those who prefer running:
Our running trail starts right at the front of the hotel. Enjoy the view on Lake Constance while running a loop around the island of Lindau..

For those who prefer running a little bit further:
The marathon trail of the annual Tri-border Marathon also starts directly at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof.

Wellness area

open daily

Outdoor pool

from 7am to 9pm
(only during summer months)

Indoor pool

from 7am to 10pm

Fitness center

from 7am to 10pm

Maximilian SPA

Take a break for your wellbeing.

Escape everyday life and relax. Enjoy soothing massages and treatments from head to toe.

A special experience are our SPA packages which can be booked for couples in a double treatment room. Full body massages, combined massage treatments and partial body massages offer pure relaxation.

In our Maximilian SPA area we pamper you with products of THALGO - la Beauté marine.
Treatments & price list

We are happy to welcome you to our Maximilian SPA treatments.

Body treatments

Partial body massage

We massage your back, shoulder/neck, head or legs according to your wishes.
Enjoy a relaxing break.

25 minutes: € 48.00

Full body massage

A soothing & soft massage with aroma oil for deep relaxation.

50 minutes: € 96.00

Full body sports massage

The muscles of your body get profoundly relaxed.

50 minutes: € 104.00

Classic body massage (Swedish massage)
Muscle tensions are released.

50 minutes: € 79.00
Aromatic oil massage

Health benefits for the skin based on Far Eastern healing methods. Unique aromatic oils purify the senses and get spirit and soul gently and soothingly back into balance.

50 minutes: € 104.00
25 minutes: € 52.00

Hot Stone massage

A deeply relaxing massage with hot stones will put you in an extraordinary state of well-being.

50 minutes: € 112.00
80 minutes: € 140.00

Hot Chocolate massage

Top quality ingredients like cocoa, shea butter and almond oil nourish your skin and senses with an extraordiary sensation of wellbeing.
Luxurious treatment for your skin and soothing to your soul.

50 minutes: € 104.00

Lymphatic drainage

Manual massage in order to stimulate the lymphatic system, to drain liquids and toxins in the tissues and reduce swelling of the face or other body parts.

25 minutes: € 48.00
50 minutes: € 96.00

*Ideal treatment after face and body operations

Honey massage

25 minutes: € 52.00

Mother massage (pregnancy)

25 minutes: € 48.00
50 minutes: € 96.00

Reflexology massage

The targeted massage of reflex zones of the foot is particularly relaxing as well as revigorating for your whole body.

25 minutes: € 48.00
50 minutes: € 96.00

Thalgo full body peeling

For gentle and smooth skin.

20 minutes: € 54.00

Frigi-Thalgo leg wrap

Cool wraps soaked with a algae-camphor-menthol solution have a firming effect on your connective tissue and can reduce cellulite or saddlebags. Tired, heavy legs are energized.

50 minutes: € 119.00

Facial treatments

Pampering facial treatment

We pamper you with a mild facial peeling, a relaxing facial massage and a stimulating or soothing face mask.

50 minutes: € 112.00

Facial peeling

With massage or mask
Short treatment for a radiant complexion

25 minutes: € 52.00

SPA packages

Wellness break

Relaxing back massage, a nourishing facial mask and a hand massage will give you new strength

50 minutes: € 108.00

Time out

Welcome tea, sea foam peeling with a subsequent body wrap 'Velvet and Silk' and relaxing massage

80 minutes: € 153.00

Island balance

Welcome Prosecco, thalasso full body peeling, aromatic oil massage and anti-stress facial treatment.

140 minutes: € 248.00

Wellness pleasure

A welcome tea or Prosecco, full body peeling with a rich body mask afterwards, mild facial peeling and a nourishing moisture mask and finally a wellness massage.

140 minutes: € 259.00

Please note

If you are unable to attend your confirmed appointment, we ask for a timely cancellation (at least 24 hrs in advance). In the event of non-attendance, we reserve the right to charge a 90% cancellation fee of the treatment price.


D-88131 Lindau
Phone: +49 8382 915 461

Opening hours

from 10am to 6pm

Your SPA appointment

In order to be able to relax – please book your treatment online before your arrival.

Discover our accommodation packages including pampering SPA treatments

Osteopathic practice

Healing through manual therapy supporting the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Osteopathy finds and removes blockages and releases the body's self-healing powers.

The body is considered as one cohesive functional unit in osteopathy. Disturbances in one part of the body can therefore affect other areas as well. Thus, the treatment of the skeleton and of the musculoskeletal system can also correct disorders of the organ systems and vice versa. All body functions depend on the nervous system and the supply and discharge by the circulatory and lymphatic system. Disturbances of these systems can lead to pain and symptoms of a disease.

The osteopath works on the skull and sacral bone (craniosacral), the organs (visceral), the musculoskeletal system (parietal), as well as on the connective tissue (fascias). All four systems are treated together in order to activate the self-healing powers of the body. Due to this complexity, osteopathy can often help in cases where previous procedures have been ineffective.

Carlotta Mensio-Stolze
(Qualified osteopath, physiotherapist and sport scientist)


Bahnhofplatz 2
88131 Lindau, Germany


Phone: +49 8382 9150
Fax: +49 8382 915591


Ludwigstraße 23
88131 Lindau, Germany


Phone: +49 8382 9150
Fax: +49 8382 915591